To crush every doubt: Just pronouns and a name

This is my guest post for 4thwavenow’s blog; I thought the best way to store it here would be to hit this fancy reblog button. I’m grateful for her invitation to write a guest post, to share a story of approaching transition and turning away from that option on her platform, which reaches so many families and individuals dealing with these struggles. My mother’s words and experiences are intertwined with my own, because this is never a journey we take entirely alone. I have to say here that the other people in my life – my mother, my close friends, old family friends, even my less-accepting family members and those old classmate’s names on Facebook, all played an important role in influencing my decisions and my thought process about all of this. Because in the end, it is so much about how other people see us and how we see ourselves through their eyes.


This is a guest post by commenter thissoftspace, a woman who experienced gender dysphoria, began transition to FTM, but pulled back to embrace herself as female.

This account is a bit different from the previous two in my ongoing series of guest posts from women who’ve experienced dysphoria or dis-identification from female. Woven into the narrative are vignettes from thissofstspace‘s mother, who shares her own thoughts and feelings about her daughter’s journey.

Parents and their offspring who decide to “transition” are sometimes ripped away from each other in the process–whether the transitioner is a child or an adult with the right to make her own medical decisions. Some online trans activists even encourage young, questioning people to forsake their “transphobic” families and seek community only with strangers on Internet forums. This account from thissoftspace and her mother is a testament to the bond that endures between us parents…

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