My Novel

Hello again. Long time, no see. I’ve been busy with… this. This is the novel I started working on while I was still writing This Soft Space, and my hopes are still that it encapsulates some of the specific experiences of being a lesbian, from the struggle to find a space of our own to the wonder of discovering mutual love. After much thought, I decided to post it as a serial novel, free to read (and listen to, as I read each chapter for a podcast) with full ebook chapters available to purchase if desired. All that info, and links to my blog about the writing process, are on the website

It is a bit of an odd way of doing things, but I wanted to make the story available to anyone who might need to read something that, hopefully, helps them feel less alone. I’m reblogging the first part of the third chapter here, just posted this morning, because this is where the story really begins to take off. But there are two chapters of backstory already up for your binge-reading pleasure. Thank you for checking it out, and please feel free to share where you feel others might enjoy it.

All my best wishes to all of you. I hope this post finds you well.

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