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Guess what—I wrote a fairy tale! The reason I wrote this is because I was thinking one day about superheroes and princesses, and how kids are being expected to identify with the characters that are marketed to them based on their sex, and how identifying with characters of the opposite sex is taken as a […]

via Beauty and the Butch—A lesbian fairy tale — Purple Sage

Back in high school, I just loved Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. We played the music for marching band one year and I had a bunch of the songs on a mixtape I listened to constantly (oh, the ’90’s) and I will freely admit the feelings it stirred up had a lot to do with the plot of my book, that “unexpectedly falling in love with someone you shouldn’t” thing – which, yes, I think a lot of lesbians, no matter how deep in the closet they are, identify with.

But you know what I just realized reading this version? Listen to how cool this is: Where the movie always lost me was when the Beast turns into the Prince. Like I am no furry, hear me out, but when kind-of-gender-neutral Beastie floated up and turned into weirdly-chinny, floppy-haired, absolutely-male Prince-Dude, I was just like, “Eh, ok, whatever.” Like it weirded me out and made me so uncomfortable, even though I was crying at the falling of the rose petals just before.

BUT! BUT!! This is the cool bit: reading Beauty and the Butch here, I realized something: In this version, the “beast” character NEVER CHANGES INTO ANYTHING ELSE. Yes, her true nature is revealed, but that’s different than a physical change from Beast into Prince. She’s physically and emotionally and everything else exactly the same from the time she meets Beauty until the end. NO CHANGE IS REQUIRED TO MAKE HER AN ACCEPTABLE MATE.

And what a remarkable and splendid message that is for all lesbians.

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