The Little Lesbian Handbook – Outline

Finally got some time this weekend to work out a basic outline for the Lesbian Handbook PDF/pamphlet!  I’d like to keep it short and sweet, something that someone could download and skim through, but packed with as much info as possible. I’ve tried to concentrate on things I wish I had known before now – not just the obvious stuff I wish I’d been exposed to in high school but also the deeper “the patriarchy’s been tough on us” kind of things that helped me through the roughest patches.

If there’s anything you feel I’m missing please comment!  All of these are just topics for now and will each have following explanations, etc. Most words are just notes for myself for now.

Here’s to hoping I can copy/paste right from GoogleDocs and keep my formatting!


How do I know if I’m a lesbian?

  • What is sexual attraction/orientation?
    • Not just “sex” in sexual attraction – attraction to a particular biological sex plus sympathy and admiration
    • the “straight crush”
    • lesbian feelings and relationships with men positive and negative
  • Am I bisexual?

Accepting yourself as a lesbian

  • Comfort in your own skin – appearance, clothing, etc.
    • Photos of lesbians
  • Lesbian sexuality
    • masturbation
    • overview of lesbian sex, sexual health, etc.
  • Expressing your orientation, from creativity to crushes
  • Coming out – to family, friends, publicly (as needed)
  • Lesbian relationships
    • The nature of lesbian relationships (equal partnerships)
    • Marriage and weddings
    • Children
    • Flying solo
    • Community
  • Finding other lesbians
    • local/women’s groups/festivals
    • online/social networks/websites/apps

Lesbians and Gender Identity

  • Gender Dysphoria – causes and symptoms (desire to not be a woman)
    • Coping skills for dysphoria
    • Non-binary gender identities
    • Transition/trans men
  • Lesbians and trans women/non-binary males

Lesbian History

  • Examples/presence throughout history
  • Reasons for underrepresentation/misrepresentation
    • Social pressure – heteronormativity
    • fetishization/pornography
  • Famous lesbians past and present
  • Lesbian terminology – homosexual, gay woman, dyke, butch, femme, queer
  • Lesbian symbology

Lesbian Resources

  • Lesbians in Literature/authors/books/etc.
  • Lesbians in  movies and TV series
  • Lesbian musicians

Words from fellow Lesbians

14 thoughts on “The Little Lesbian Handbook – Outline

            • I know I watched “Better than Chocolate” and found it a little too… “gay” for me at the time. There was one that took place during WWII that was just harrowing and heartbreaking. I think I watched “There’s Something in the Water” and found it lame. I still haven’t watched “But I’m a Cheerleader” or “Itty Bitty Titty Committee” or “Imagine Me and You” even though everyone always lists them – something about them seems too “cutesy” for me but maybe I’m missing something!

              “Losing Chase” is never mentioned in lesbian film lists but it was honestly life changing for me. It was like, I watched that (in 10-minute clips on Youtube no less) and then took this indescribable “Wow I am gay” walk afterwards. Maybe because it’s a TV movie it slips through the cracks. But hey – Helen Mirren!

              “Saving Face” I also liked a lot. There were probably others. Going on 9 years or so now since my “I think I might be a lesbian so I must watch the lesbian movies on Netflix” stage!


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